Moustachio Bashio

Had a good weekend. One of the highlights came at a Belgian beerhouse when a guy asked our table to help judge a moustache competition. It was a group of ex-pats, and the moustaches were somehow related to raising money for prostate cancer.

I was pretty psyched since I do love a good moustache…

… but sadly none of them were actually that good.. turns out I have high standards for facial hair?

In other news, today was one of my favorite kind of Sundays seeing as it involved really yummy brunch food, laying by the pool, a nap, and tv watching. So good.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was spent with a really nice mix of people, 2 turkeys, plenty of stuffing, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, and Cuban cigars. More than enough to give thanks for.

Also – the aiports are still closed, but the city still feels very safe.

Love to you all!

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