A Very Merry Christmas (and a visa run)

Hello there loved ones —

Had a really great extended Christmas with the Mastache family here in Bangkok.

Lots of really yummy food (mashed potatoes, ham, and some Thai) as well as a trip to the hospital to visit Mr. Mastache (who is healthy and home again – but we got to go caroling down his hospital corridor with champagne and dessert to make sure he had ample holiday cheer).

Also went to Cambodia for about 2 hours on the 24th to get my visa stamped.

Here’s what the border looks like:

Beyond that the only parts of Cambodia that I saw were the morning-regulars at a seedy casino and an outdoor cafe.. not the best preview, but hopefully I’ll do justice to the country sometime in the near future.

It was so nice to be able to hear some of your voices on Christmas day, and I’m thinking about all of you lots!

Going to go to Ayuttaha tomorrow which is a former capital of Bangkok, and so I’m really excited about that.

Oh! Also made Mom’s egg nog, and the fanbase of that recipe just keeps on growing, ha.

Love to you all!

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