Dream Travel: Luxury Stay at Angkor Wat

When I was living in Thailand last year one of the trips I had planned was to Siem Reap, Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. I ended up returning back to the US early to take a job on the Alabama, and so unfortuantely never made it.

While my trip to Angkor Wat would have been super-budget and no frills, today I’ve decided to faux-plan a luxury stay.

First of all, the main reason for the trip: Angkor Wat

photo by Trey Ratcliff.

Angkor Wat was built in the 12th century and dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, and later served as Buddhist temple. It’s the go-to example of Khmer architecture, and has an outer wall that encloses the 203 acres that comprise the site. There’s also moat. It’s been awhile since I crossed over a moat.

A lot of people do early morning hikes to watch the sun come up at the temple, and so that would defintiely be on the itinerary.

As for where to stay, I think I would go for the Amansara Resort:

… and then head over to the Hotel de la Paix for a meal at Meric:

ok. Let’s book it.

…the actual trip I would have taken would have probably cost me $15 a day. Just saying.

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