Dream Travel: Destination Marathon in Greece

I’ve been thinking recently that training for a marathon is a really good impetus for travel. You work hard at something, and your reward of going somewhere awesome is structured into your plans.

So this has me thinking about running the original 26.2 from the battlefields of Marathon to Athens that Pheidippides ran (meanwhile, he arrived with bleeding feet and then died, so hopefully that wouldn’t happen).

And! This October is the 2,500th anniversary of Pheidippies’ run. More info here.

As for where to stay, how about the St. George Lycabettus Hotel with a view of the Acropolis:

Looks like a great place for sore-leg ice baths, no?

… and in truth – I will not be able to train for a marathon between now and October. But I did just get a new pair of running shoes, and I hear 2,501 is lucky Greek number. Count it.

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