oh, anthropologie. you clever.

“One of our core philosophies,” explains Anthropologie president Glen Senk, “is that we spend the money that other companies spend on marketing to create a store experience that exceeds people’s expectations. We don’t spend money on messages — we invest in execution.”

If you’ve ever wanted more info on why you’re roaming around thinking “I could live here…” while in an Anthropologie read on this.

From the article:
The Anthropologie woman is not so much conflicted as she is resistant to categorization. Her identity is a tangle of connections to activities, places, interests, values, and aspirations. She’s not married with two kids: She’s a yoga-practicing filmmaker with an organic garden, a collection of antique musical instruments, and an abiding interest in Chinese culture (plus a husband and two kids).

They’re wielding a mighty large magnifying-glass over at Anthro, and it is downright fascinating. And probably modeled after one scouted at the sweetest little French flea market you can imagine. I’ll admit that I read the article with a mix of respect, captivation, and… well… nausea. Kind of like admiring their wares, and then – oh, right – acknowledging the price tag.

(did you miss the link to the article I’m quoting from up above? here it is again.)

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