in the barlight, she looked alright


A friend of mine recently told me that a Hold Steady show in Richmond sometime this past year was like 90% dudes. For some reason this kind of disappointed me. Maybe I wanted to prove that women loved The Hold Steady, too? Battle of the sexes? Where my girls at? Subsequently I remembered that I needed a snack, and that I kind of wanted to go to the gym, and that I needed to make rent so I really couldn’t spend too much time on this project… but then much later I realized that this women-love-them-too thing was not really my Hold Steady cross to bear.

Oh, no. Instead I remembered something very important, and now I want everyone – every man, woman, and child – to recognize that the guy singing Sugar High at the end of Empire Records is doing a killer Craig Finn impression.

amiright? doyahearthat?

It’s even more clear here ::::


Ahhh, yes. Go forth and spread the good word. Damn the man, and save the empire. Especially if that empire is the twin cities or someplace Renee Zellweger will sing.

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