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Ear Candy: Jaymay

Jaymay does most of the soundtrack for Happy Thank You More Please which I saw at the Virginia Film Festival about a month ago. Loved it. In fact, the only unpleasant thing about the experience was the cringe-inducing q&a session … Continue reading

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oh, hello!

so… remember when I used to post things here? haha, yeah. me neither. Things on the farm are going really well – but also quite busy, hence the drop-off with this here blog. I think my new goal is to … Continue reading

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Kaboom! by PES

How about a little stop-motion film excitement? I especially like the keys as cannons, and circuit board as the landscape. Although the clown heads are pretty well used, too. More by PES – here – including Western Spaghetti which is … Continue reading

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Dirt! the Movie

What do you say, Charlottesville? Shall we plan a screening? I think so, too. More on the film here.

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Kindle? No, Thanks. Kindle Ad Campaign? Yes, Please.

I came across this gorgeous stop motion film by Amanda Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths last week, and was really happy to find squareriggers, birdcages, and moustaches all in the same dreamy video at once: I still don’t want a Kindle. … Continue reading

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fishing flick

Watched Captains Courageous the other day; it’s super cute, will make you cry, and the boat is Alabama’s twin. Worth watching. Enjoy leetle feesh. Love,Paige

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