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Happy Birthday, Ashley!

How old am I you ask of me? One year younger than I used to be ::::: and maybe one year closer to this ::: and still not very far from this ::: Hope it was a wonderful day! xoxoxo … Continue reading

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le virtuel anniversaire du Ashley

So I sincerely miss being able to spend February 16th with the Bermudian-Wonder Ashley Elizabeth Miller. To make up for the thousands of miles, and tootoo many time zones — I’ve opted to throw a-money an e-party this year, and … Continue reading

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Megan’s Birthday: A Retrospective

Hey loved ones — So the internet at my apartment has been working about 5% of the time recently — and that 5% is usually before I go to work, soooo… that’s why I haven’t been posting little updates of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday King Bhumibol!

Today is the King’s birthday — it’s also Thai Father’s Day. Or Father’s Day was yesterday. I couldn’t really get a straight answer on that one. In honor of HM’s B-day I’m posting my favorite picture of him to date … Continue reading

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